Hospitals Use Aleddra's 2-in-1 Emergency LED T8 and T5 Tubes to Add Instant Emergency Lighting

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Aleddra LED Lighting helps hospitals to catch up audit schedule with fully automated self-testing Emergency T8/T5 Lamps Ecg Led Tube

Hospitals Use Aleddra

RENTON, Wash. , Oct. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Emergency lighting is a must for all hospital facilities, but the solutions thus far are backup power generators and standard "non-attractive" emergency light fixtures. During a power outage, it takes 4 to 8 seconds before the generators starts and activates that emergency circuit light. Backup generators have a fixed capacity and provide emergency power to a fixed number of lights and equipment, thus are not scalable for adding more emergency light fixtures.

Today, hospital facility and physical plant managers have available a NEW type of Automatic Self-Test (30 seconds monthly & 90 minutes annually) and Self-Diagnostic (notifies customer when the tubes are in test mode and when it needs to be replaced) emergency lighting that they can quickly and easily install in all their facilities. In addition, the Self-Testing and Self-Diagnostic features will save the facility time and money by eliminating the monthly audits. Aleddra's Gen4 Emergency LED T8 and T5 Tubes are the NEW additions to the emergency lighting products that are available to medical facilities across the United Stated. The Gen4 EM T8 and T5 emergency tubes Operate like a standard LED tube, that can be turned ON/OFF and when there is a power interruption it goes into an emergency mode. The internal lithium battery provides 90 minutes of emergency lighting. The Aleddra G4 tubes eliminate the 4 to 8 second delay issue and can be installed in areas that additional emergency lighting may be required or needed.

"We are delighted to see large number of hospitals using our Gen4 Emergency T8 and T5 tubes," according to Matthew Maa, VP Aleddra. "They always start the deployment with the operation rooms first since they are the mission-critical areas. After that, the facilities managers discover the Gen4 EM T8 doesn't take up any of the backup generator load, and thus can be used anywhere in the hospital. Then, they began to upgrade the emergency lighting equipment with Gen4 EM T8 everywhere, such as hallways, stairwells, and offices. What really tilt the scale is when the facilities managers found that that Gen4 EM T8 can perform the 30-second monthly and the 90-minute annual audit tests completely automatically without any manual intervention. This means they can catch up their audit schedule on emergency lighting equipment without spending any labor. That's a life saver for them."

Key Features of Gen4 EM T8 and T5 Emergency LED Tubes are:

In addition to Gen4 EM T8 and T5 which are used for ON/OFF applications, Aleddra also offers the Gen3 Plus EM T8 that have all the features of the G4 but is for ALWAYS ON applications (hallways and stairwells). For more information, please visit their product webpages:

G4 Self-Diagnosis Emergency T8: G3 Plus Emergency T8 Tube:

To purchase, please contact your local electrical distributors or Aleddra directly at [email protected] or 425-430-4555.

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Hospitals Use Aleddra

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